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What Does Floor Leveling Compound Do?

Floor leveling compound is a premium leveling and smoothing compound used on internal floors with substrates that are irregular before decorative surface flooring or floor tiles are applied. Tiles and other types of flooring will not adhere to floors with irregular levels thus they must be leveled and smoothed first. Also, an unleveled floor can also pose a health risk as a person can trip.

Floor Leveling Compound Options…

There are basically two types of floor levelers: the regular and the self-leveling compound. The regular floor leveling compound requires a tool, usually the flat end of a trowel, to spread the compound while the self-leveling compound spreads itself out without the need of a special tool or equipment.

The self-leveling type of floor leveling compound is also fast drying. Although the drying time can vary due to the differences in temperature, the floor can usually be used within 24 hours of application. The self-leveling type is also ready to use and application is relatively easy. Depending on the area to be covered and the brand of floor leveling compound used, the self-leveling compound can be applied in 25 minutes.

The self-leveling type is also resistant to moisture and flexible when applied because this type of floor leveling compound is typically made from a polymer modified product. The surface of the floor becomes smooth without even a need for more surface finishing.

The floor leveling compound is not intended to be a final floor surface as these can’t withstand frequent walking or too much foot traffic. It is made to just even out any irregular level floor before any final flooring is installed. It is intended to be the primer to vinyl, wood, ceramic tiles, or carpet floorings. For floors that are on top of any floor heaters, there is a special kind of floor leveling compound that can be used. Any hardware personnel can give a homeowner any information regarding floor leveling compound fit for floors with floor heaters.

In choosing a floor leveler brand, a homeowner must consider the type of floors where the brand can be used; the setting or drying time; the ingredients used as they can cause health risks; and its ease of application.

A simple test to find out if the floor is uneven is to place a marble on the floor. If the marble rolls then there are uneven floor surfaces that need to be leveled before a new flooring surface is installed.

The floor leveling compound is not advisable to use where the soil expands when it gets wet, when the home is on a hillside, or when the house sits on earthquake-prone regions. Professionals, such as a structural engineer or a soils engineer, are better fit to handle this kind of maintenance than a homeowner who has no experience or knowledge with these kinds of scenarios. A floor leveling compound, if used properly as indicated in the brand’s label, can give huge savings to a homeowner because one need not hire a tradesman to level and smooth an uneven floor.

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