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Self Leveling Concrete Overlay: An Easy Way To Renew Old Floors

If you plan to renew an old floor, you should know that its subfloor must necessarily be leveled. In order to bring a floor to the same level though, you could easily use a self leveling concrete overlay. This way, the final result you will obtain will surely be the desired one, as a leveled floor will help you avoid all kinds of incidents.

What is the self leveling concrete overlay?

  • The self leveling concrete overlay is a cement based material that is also polymer modified. The great thing about it is that as soon as it gets poured onto an uneven area, it self-levels. This way, it can help you avoid a lot of work.
  • The majority of self levelers are already blended together with special plasticizers. These have the ability of making them flow smoothly, of eliminating future possible cracking and shrinking, and of increasing their ability to get fixed to the below surface.
  • Self levelers are also highly recommended because they can assure the strength of your future floor.
  • As far as the depths for which the self leveling concrete overlay can be used, these vary between 1/16 and 4 inches without shrinking and cracking.

Preparing the self leveling concrete overlay for your new floor

  • If you want your floor leveling project to succeed, then you must prepare the concrete for it in a proper way. First of all, you have to assure that the surface which you want covered is clean. For a subfloor to be clean, you need to remove all curing compounds, adhesives and dirt off it.
  • In order to clean the surface, you can use acid etching, sandblasting or water blasting.
  • When using a self leveler, you need a primer. In turn, this will prevent the air bubbles to be released from the subflooring. As long as the air bubbles do not rise, your floor’s surface will remain smooth.
  • In order to use the self leveler, you need to mix it up with water. Bear in mind that as soon as you obtain the consistence you need, you have to work very fast, as this type of overlay will stiffen shortly.
  • In addition, you also have to pay attention to the mixing process, in the sense that you must avoid trapping air inside it.
  • Before actually applying it, make sure that the subfloor is dry and cool. As far as the area you want covered goes, this must not be framed, since the self leveler can be directly poured on it and then simply spread by using a squeegee or a towel.
  • Both the pouring process and the leveling one should be done continuously and quickly until the surface you are working on is completely covered.
  • In case there are high areas that remain after the process is completed, you can easily knock them off after the covered surface sets for a little while. This can also be done by using a towel.
  • Make sure to also use a facemask when using self leveler in order to avoid breathing the dust coming from its dry compounds.

All in all, unlike traditional concrete, the self leveling concrete overlay can be used easier and requires only a few resources and people to handle it. Therefore, in case you want to renew some old floors, bear in mind that self levelers can help you a lot.

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