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Refinishing Your Garage Floor with Self Leveling Epoxy

In case you want to refinish your garage floor, you should know that you can easily do it by using self leveling epoxy. The concrete epoxy finish can be found in multiple shades, so it can surely fulfill your needs. In addition, if you want you can also add some color flakes to it in order to give it another look. Moreover, you can also add anti-skid granules, as these can transform your floor into a slip-resistant one in case it gets wet.

Benefits of refinishing the garage floor by using self leveling epoxy

  • Increase home value
  • Obtain a cleaner and more polished look
  • Reflect harmful chemicals from destroying the concrete
  • Obtain a more durable floor
  • Get an easy to clean and stain resistant floor
  • Get a floor that has slip resistant properties
  • Obtain an easy to maintain surface

Preparing the area

  • The first thing that you have to do before using the self leveling epoxy is to sweep out the debris and the dirt off your garage’s floor.
  • In case your existing floor is painted, you will have to rough the surface up. The glossy surface must disappear completely before leveling your floor.
  • The third thing that you have to do is to degrease the floor. By using a floor degreaser, you will be able to remove possible substances from the floor. After this, the floor must be left to dry.
  • The possible cracks in the floor must be repaired as well.
  • You must also set a protective sheet on your garage’s walls in order to protect them.
  • Lastly, make sure that you apply a primer to your floor. In order to do this, you can simply spray it on or use a brush. You should avoid leaving puddles behind and let the floor dry for a couple of hours before doing something else.

Applying the self leveling epoxy

  1. The first thing you need to do before actually applying the self leveling epoxy is to mix it with water, according to its manufacturer’s directions. It is recommended to mix it up with the help of a drill.
  2. Then, you can start pouring. However, bear in mind that once you start, you should continue until you finish, so that the epoxy does not get stiff. If you do not think you can do it yourself, you can ask for a friend to help.
  3. You should start from one corner of your garage and then move on to another across the narrow room’s width. The epoxy should be poured from the bucket directly. After the epoxy finds its level, you can use a towel to also push it into any tight corners.
  4. It is recommended to pour each batch at a 15 minute distance.
  5. Depending on the manufacturer’s directions, you should let the self leveling epoxy air dry. If you wish, and also if the directions allow you, you can also apply certain finishes to it. Nonetheless, as long as you follow the instructions and let the epoxy dry out as long as it needs, you should be all set.


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