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7 Tips for Using Self Leveling Compound

When using self leveling compound there are some tips that you might want to take into consideration, as these could make your work easier. Your results can also be improved if you just take the time and browse through some simple tips meant to help you.

Instructions on using self leveling compound

  1. The first thing that you have to do before actually using self leveling compound is to clean the subfloor by using a vacuum cleaner. This must be followed by rolling a level of latex floor primer on the floor. However, make sure that the primer you use is especially created for this. You can purchase such a primer from different flooring dealers. By using this, you will make sure that the compound adheres to your subfloor.
  2. Another thing that can help you use easier the self leveling compound is to utilize a straight edge in order to identify the floor bumps. In order to mark them, you can use a pencil.
  3. After this, you can start mixing the self leveling compound together with the water. In order to do this easier, you can use a drill and a bucket. However, bear in mind that you do not have to add too much water. The result of the mixture must be a pourable, soupy consistence. As soon as you obtain it, you have to start working quickly because this will begin to dry and eventually become stiff.
  4. The first thing you have to do after obtaining the self leveling compound is to pour it into the places you previously marked. After it slightly stiffens, you should use a towel in order to flatten it. Then, you can also spread it into the remaining parts of the floor.
  5. Before mixing another batch, you must necessarily clean the spreading tools and the bucket used for the mixture. As soon as the compound starts setting, the process cannot be reversed by adding water. Therefore, the previously made batch can contaminate a new one, which is not desirable. In addition, if the compound gets to harden on your tools and inside your bucket, you will not be able to remove it too easily.
  6. Before walking on the compound you poured, you must let it dry for at least 2 hours. In addition, before starting to actually install your new floor, you have to let the compound set for at least 12 hours. If time allows you, it is highly recommended to let it set for no less than 24 hours.
  7. Finally, in order to remove the ridges or the bumps that might have gotten into the self leveling compound, you will have to sand them down by using a belt sander. Before you begin the installation of the new floor, you also have to clean all the sanding dust. This can simply be done with a vacuum. After that, you can start installing the new floor you want. By following these simple tips you will see that your floor will turned out leveled and smooth.

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